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Empower your sales team to sell more and stay ahead of the game.
Presenting the best CRM solution for the service industry.

Maximize your productivity and close more deals than ever.

Spend less time on sifting through emails and more on actually closing deals.

Powerful & Flexible

Our CRM is as dynamic as the service industry itself. Manage contacts, companies, projects, costing models, payments, e-mails and more.Oh, and did we mention your personal interactive dashboard?

Capable and Secure

SimplusCRM is an easy-to-setup, highly capable, well-designed, secure and simple All-in-one CRM Solution to automate your business and boost the productivity of your sales team.

Access from anywhere

This is a completely web-based CRM – which is compatible with all major browsers and devices., which you can access from anywhere. After all, customers or opportunities shouldn’t be queued to wait, right?

About SimplusCRM

SimplusCRM helps businesses to maintain stronger business relationships with their clients and achieve better productivity.
Tailor-made for the service industry - SimplusCRM focuses on efficient sales tracking, analytics and sales team management to provide you a better overview and hence maintain a consistent sales growth.

CRM isn’t an Option. It’s MANDATORY.

Know Why Your Business needs to get the best CRM integrated instantly!

Attain perfection by eliminating the inefficiencies from your processes.

Scattered customers, lowering productivity, tamed relationships with customers, unsatisfied clients, bad team management, missed opportunities, and degrading quality of service – all happens when you aren’t able to assemble all business processes at the right place.

Want a mess or a well-organized empire?

To achieve the latter, you’ll need better organization, proper sales pipelining, personalized communication and excellent teamwork. And, that’s what SimplusCRM delivers!.

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Our cloud-based CRM Software adds Value to your Business. Here are the benefits

Still thinking whether to utilize our CRM’s features or not? Here’s what you can do with this awesome web app –

  • Maintain your highly valuable contacts at one place.
  • Smooth communication with Customers.
  • Let your leads submit contact information with auto-generated forms
  • Increased productivity and reduced manual efforts.
  • Assign leads and projects to your team members and distribute work smoothly.
  • View all deals and their progress in a visual pipeline.
  • Enhance your credibility and trust rate.

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Insights, opportunities, brilliance, and growth

Our simple and powerful CRM is a perfect fit for your small, medium or enterprise-size business due to its amazing abilities. Adding contacts, companies, and clients to grab better opportunities is very easy with us.

Our project-wise, finance-wise and company-wise insights will let you analyze your own business tactically. Letting you understand flaws and potentials through this valuable information, we help you attain the success in short time span.

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Explore Features

We exist to simplify your sales process & boost overall productivity!

Completely customize your personal dashboard according to your convenience!

View the quick stats about the companies, projects, pipeline value and more, right on the dashboard. It is possible to change the reports on the dashboard as well.

We have made the navigation easy to let the users switch quickly among the options. With our amazing dashboard, you can get all the highlights of your business and services at one place.

Get better and reliable insights about the projects, with 100% precision.

To Err is human! Unlike your complicated manual calculations, our CRM provides neat, interactive and precise sales analytics data. You can get insights using the sales reports for companies, projects and financial matrices without dipping into files up to knees.

Team performance, revenue, time-based reports and custom sales data can be utilized to understand the venture’s position and flaws.

Track, visualize and analyze every deal to get the most out of arriving sales opportunities.

Sales pipeline management is a unique and most powerful feature of SimPlusCRM. It allows easy tracking of projects and projects’ stages, letting you analyze everything about your deals.

Project assignment, cost, status, type and modification details can be accessed for getting credible insights about any ongoing or completed deal. Moreover, the drag-and-drop interface makes it super-easy to move projects from one stage to another, at the speed of light!

Isn’t it tough to remember all the project and payment details?

Stop cluttering your mind with too much data and automate the project tracking with this powerful CRM solution, tailored to fit the needs of your service business.

You can assign leads and projects to your team members, change project status, manage payments and track the every little detail under one roof.

Smooth project distribution and payment tracking eventually increase the productivity of your business to a new maximum.

Assign custom roles to users and manage permissions dynamically.

Understanding the confidentiality of your data, we have added role-based restrictions to limit the rights of your employees.

Adding employees, allowing them to access certain modules, editing roles, changing permissions of view/add/modify for various modules can be handled dynamically in SimPlusCRM. So, without worrying about the varying company structure, you can enjoy the expansion or diversification.

Maintain the organizational hierarchy online and authenticate only the limited users to access a data set.

Information is the most valuable asset for every organization. Managing the user hierarchies as per your organizational reporting structure, you can easily keep the data secure and away from intrusions.

Also, limited data access ensures the data confidentiality for the teams and members. We apply proper data abstraction to avoid the problems at different levels in your company.